Current Students

Living Arts prepares students to explore interdisciplinary collaboration in a fun, supportive environment.

To fulfill the 2016 academic requirement of Living Arts, students take UARTS 150 Introduction to Creative Process in the fall semester. This 4 credit hour class is a project-based and writing course for first-year Living Arts students. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to creative process across disciplines, preparing them to master their own creative process for use not just in other courses and academic projects, but throughout their lives. Students will gain historical, biographical, and theoretical understanding of creative process through readings; reflect on those readings in writing; and experiment with creative processes first-hand under the tutelage of experts.

In addition to course work, students will also benefit from attending monthly creative workshops and participating in a Collaborative Creative Project (CCP). The CCP involves small groups of 4-5 students meeting regularly (about twice a month) to develop a semester long project. Students are also required to actively participate in a variety of Living Arts student faculty and staff events and worshops each semester.

These co-curricular program requirements (workshops and CCP groups) allow students from a variety of majors and colleges to participate in a living-learning community that celebrates multi-disciplinarity and collaboration.