Resident Advisors & Peer Mentors

Resident Advisors (RAs) for 2017-2018


Mitchell Curtiss
Hometown: Portage, MI
Majors: Architecture

I am a Junior from Portage, Michigan pursuing an Architecture degree through the Taubman College. I am interested in nearly every kind of art, with a background in music, visual art, film, and literature. I play piano and greatly enjoy musical theatre/acting, which I took part in throughout high school. I absolutely love the Living Arts community, and I am returning for my third year. So if you have any questions, or just want to talk about cool art or movies or music theory, come see me!



Sara Eskandari
Hometown: Toledo, OH
Majors: Art and Design

Hallo! I’m Sara and I’m an art student from Toledo, Ohio. In addition to a Penny Stamps student, I am dabbling in computer science in order to enter the video game industry. Last year I was involved in MUSKET’s theater group as both a cast and crew member, and this year I will be working on an educational video game for the 220 Level Portuguese class with UROP. In my spare time I love group cuddles, group hugs, singing, punning (<-This is a very serious trigger warning for the faint of heart as my puns are in constant…circulation. [ba dum tsss]), If any mentees are looking for tips and tricks on art, performance, puns, video games, massages, or shenanigans in general, my arms are open for a firm hug (which, knowing Living Arts, will probably evolve into a group hug), and a lovely conversation.


Socrates Papageorgiou
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Majors: Computer Engineering and Sound Engineering

I am a Greek-American born and raised in Ann Arbor. As a computer engineer I enjoy tinkering with hardware and software but my real passion lies in the realm of music production. I love recording acoustic instruments and live shows as well as making electronic music in the studio. My other areas of interest include swimming, running, underwater basket weaving, traditional Greek dance, singing, and DJing. If you ever need to find the perfect pump up music or just have a relaxed day, we can work together to find the perfect auditory art to fit your needs. I'm always open to talking about new music and ideas and encourage dialogue whenever possible. There is so much to be done at U of M and in the world and I want to help you get started on whatever it is you're passionate about! I can't wait to meet you all for the coming school year!


the Peer Mentors for 2016-2017

Peer mentors are sophomores and juniors who mentor incoming students and help plan student-generated programming. We are thrilled to have 20 awesome peer mentors for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Samantha Beauchamp
Hometown: Ishpeming, MI
Majors: Computer Science Engineering

Greetings! I’m a sophomore engineering student planning on majoring in computer science engineering and I grew up in Ishpeming, MI (a small town in the upper peninsula).  So, some facts about me: I love volleyball, books, and movies (but usually not chick flicks), I can solve a Rubik’s cube and can occasionally do the splits.  I also really like to meet people and make friends so stop by if you have any questions about anything or just want to talk about something that may or may not be interesting, my door is always open.


Gladys Gonzalez
Hometown: South Haven, MI
Majors: History and Musicology

Gladys Gonzalez is a sophomore from South Haven, Michigan pursuing an interest in history and musicology (maybe pre-law, but who knows). She loves to read and write her own fiction, and is a cellist and amateur ukulelist. She’s very picky about Mexican food (being Mexican) and is fluent in Spanish. She is also a master of stress-busting techniques and an open resource for talking about the many aspects of mental health, anxiety, and the benefits of mindfulness and meditation here on campus. Lastly, she is serving on the UROP Student Advisory Board as an alum of the program and is always available for questions about that and other aspects of campus life. Thanks for choosing Living Arts and Go Blue!


Amandha Goriparthi
Hometown: India
Majors: Art and Design

Amandha Goriparthi is currently a second-year student in Living Arts, and a sophomore in the Stamps school of art and design. As an international student from India, she said that Living Arts really helped her adjust to a completely new environment, and has gone on to become a home away from home. She believes that the eclectic variety of students who choose to join Living Arts make for a vibrant community where there is never a dull moment, and it was definitely the best part of her freshmen year. The classes that she took as a part of Living arts broke down the basics of the creative process, and created a sturdy foundation for future multidisciplinary work. She was able to meet some really fantastic people who still continue to inspire her, and the community’s alumni network that is dispersed in various fields gave her access to resources she didn’t even know existed. Amandha loved how warm and open this community was, and stated that Living Arts truly allowed her to connect with other students on a much deeper level, and she would love to do the same for the next year’s incoming students.


Srishti Gupta
Hometown: Kolkata, India/Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Majors: Art and Design and possibly LSA

Hiya! My name in Sanskrit means creation, and hence I’m creating art in the Stamps School of Art and Design (but that’s not THE reason why I’m in my current major). Hopefully though, I’d like to pursue another degree either in Economics, Computer Science or English and work on interdisciplinary projects in the future. Major or majors aside, I enjoy poetry, traveling, Disney, reading, musicals, binge watching T.V. shows, mythology (Percy Jackson anyone?), anime and playing interactive, storytelling video games. I’m a mint chocolate and cream soda lover who also loves to learn about new things because I certainly know that I have limited knowledge in many things. So, if you have anything you’d like to share or if you’re minting new ideas and inventions (I love puns too), I’m always there to listen and try help out! I hope you have a memorable time in Living Arts as I did in my freshman year and if there’s anything us peer mentors can do to make your experience in the community better, let us know!


Alexander Holland
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Majors: Computer Science Engineering

I am a computer science engineering student with a strong passion in music. On the music side I've performed with the University Band and am currently spending my summer marching my third year with Legends Drum and Bugle Corps. On the technical side I am on the Michigan Mars Rover team and am a webmaster for Tech Day, the largest student recruitment event that U of M Engineering hosts. I am also a coordinator in the dining hall. I love exploring the similarities between arts and technology and am a creative geek. Living Arts has truly helped me explore and expand upon my creative side. I'm excited to be a peer mentor and help others do the same!  


Kevin Yiwei Huang
Hometown: Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Majors: Computer Engineering

Hey all. I am Kevin and I am a computer engineering major considering minors in math and business. In my free time I play computer games and practice martial arts (unarmed combat and rapier fencing). I also enjoy reading fantasy and sci-fi, as well as debating politics (or anything really). I am super excited to be a mentor next year, come up to my room if you have any questions, or simply for a discussion about anything you find interesting.


Daniel Korth
Hometown: Manchester, MI
Majors: Performing Arts Technology

I enjoy all kinds of art: 2D, sculpture, video, dance, stories, poetry, acting, costumes, and especially music.  Right now, I am most passionate about sound and improvisational performance art.  I am always looking for cool, novel ways to perform music.  My repertoire so far includes swallowing headphones, making tea, cardboard drum slicing, and meat bass.  I like performing with one additional person, so feel free to talk to me about collaborating! In my free time, I enjoy watching anime, playing steam games, customizing my desktop, and attempting to fix Linux problems.  My favorite anime is Madoka Magica, my favorite game is Dark Souls, and my favorite Linux distro is currently Korora, though it changes with the seasons.


Alex Kraft
Hometown: Warren, MI
Majors: Electrical Engineering

Hey, I'm Alex, a sophomore in the College of Engineering pursuing an Electrical Engineering major. I'm native to Michigan and hail from a city by the name of Warren not far from Ann Arbor where I grew up with a bit of everything. I like to play tennis with or without the table, soccer, and the drums,  but I'm really a gamer at heart. Some of my current favorites are Counter Strike, Super Smash Bros, Dark Souls, and Rocket League, so feel free to challenge me or join me in jolly co-operation anytime!


Alex Maynard
Majors: Engineering Physics, minors in Computer Science and Mathematics

I’m an English-born American citizen in my second year at the University of Michigan. I’m a big space enthusiast and hope to have a job in space exploration one day. Some of my extracurricular interests include playing the oboe, writing, and photography. I also read and listen to a lot of music; my favorite author is Neal Stephenson and my favorite musician is Peter Gabriel. If you’re interested in joining the Michigan Marching Band, you should come talk to me because I’m a member of the MMB Flagline. Feel free to message or talk to me about anything else as well, from STEM to art to college to whatever.


Bailey McMillian
Hometown: Berkley, MI
Majors: Theatre Design and Production: Lighting Design

Hello and welcome to Living Arts! I’m a Sophomore lighting design major in the School of Music Theatre and Dance. I absolutely love the arts in any sense and am always interested in learning about what other people do. When I’m not on a show for University Productions, I’m probably designing or doing some other work for Basement Arts. I’m also into reading good books listening to interesting music and making the most of the time I have here. I’m more often than not; up late for theatre so if you ever need someone during that time I’m sure to be around and I’m happy to share with you any of my knowledge and expertise. Welcome to Living Arts, this is a fantastic community and I hope you love it as

Zach Mused
Majors: Civil Engineering

Hi, everybody! I’m Zach and I’m a civil engineering student interesting in gaming, music, and anime. If you like Ghibli movies, I can hook you up. I’m also a part of the Supermileage engineering build team that works on producing and racing a hyper-efficient vehicle and I’m a part of both the Central Student Government and the Engineering Student Government. If you wanna hang out, you can probably find me hanging out in a lounge until 3 AM. Looking forward to another great year in Living Arts!


Alex Philpott
Hometown: Denver, CO
Majors: Aerospace Engineering

Hi, my name is Alex. Outside of Living Arts, I like to ski, golf, geocache, watch football at the Big House, and read. I am a part of MASA, an organization that builds a 6-ft tall rocket for competition each June, which is really fun! I am a total foodie and love eating at all the restaurants around Ann Arbor. I enjoy coding and can’t wait to meet everyone!


Sophie Raymer
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Majors: Theatre Design and Production

Hello! I’m a sophomore from Raleigh, North Carolina and am currently pursuing a degree in Theater Design & Production with a concentration in costume design and stage management. I won the Living Arts superlative for Biggest Fangirl last year, and if that doesn’t describe my personality I don’t know what else will. Interests/fandoms include: YouTube, Welcome to Night Vale, Hamilton, Harry Potter, Studio Ghibli, Disney, Ouran High School Host Club, and a number of other things. When not in a dark theater, trapped in the design studio, or crying over fictional characters, I also really love fashion (particularly vintage) and hanging out with my friends! Feel free to ask me any and all questions you have, and I can’t wait to meet you all!


Stephanie Sim
Hometown: Sylvania, OH
Majors: Art and Design

Hi there, I’m Stephanie! I’m a sophomore from Sylvania OH, a small-ish city only 45 minutes from the wonderland that is Ann Arbor.  I’m majoring in Art & Design and planning on minoring in Creative Writing. One thing you should know about me: I’m super passionate about Disney movies, and my ultimate dream is to help create them someday! (Cue “I’ve Got a Dream” song from Tangled.) My other interests include musical theatre, sunny weather, ice cream, spoken word poetry, Halloweek (like Halloween but LONGER), and cooking up shenanigans with my Living Arts family. This community was undoubtedly the best part of my freshman year, and I hope you love it as much as I do!


Caroline Uy
Hometown: Northridge, CA
Majors: Computer Science and Design & Production

Hi! I'm Caroline, and I am a second-year student currently pursuing a joint degree in Computer Science and Theatrical Design & Production, with a concentration in Lighting Design and Stage Management. I also work as a scenic painter and an electrician for University Productions. In what free time I have, I enjoy attending theatrical productions around campus, reading, singing, or sleeping. Living Arts helped connect me to my very best friends, one of whom I'll be living with next year, and our door will probably be open to answer questions, chat, or share snacks. Can't wait to see you soon!


Natan Zamansky
Hometown: NYC, NY
Majors: Theater Arts

Natan Zamansky (pictured above as Bob Becket in H.M.S. Pinafore) is a sophomore in the School of Music, Theater, and Dance, majoring in Theater Arts with a minor in Computer Science. Hailing from New York City, Natan is an avid fan and consumer of theater, musical theater, and opera. He is also heavily engaged in musical composition, and had a one-act musical, titled No Chance In Hell, performed at Lincoln Center last year -- it was much less impressive than it sounds. He is a member of the University of Michigan Gilbert and Sullivan Society (UMGASS), and, as the other peer mentors will attest, will not shut up about it. Please come to him with any questions about musical theater, opera, and especially Gilbert and Sullivan.


Clayton Zimmerman
Hometown: Laingsburg, MI
Majors: Computer Science, Sexology

Hey. How's it goin'? I'm Clayton. I like to lay down. I really care about my friends a lot, and you can totally be one if you want. When alone, I regularly watch YouTube videos about game design, and hope to someday apply accumulated programming skills to make games as art. I attend concerts and theatre pretty much every weekend, which is easy when Basement Arts puts on so many free shows ~100 meters from Bursley. Also, I'm on Sexperteam and make short films sometimes. If you want to talk about games, human behavior, film, or pretty much anything (auf Englisch oder Deutsch), I'm down. Feel free to swing by my room.


2015-2016 RAs

Sarah Bedoyan, Grosse Pointe, MI; Cell and Molecular Biology and History Double Major (Chinese Language and Culture Minor)

Adam Licavoli, Kalamazoo, MI; Aerospace Engineering

2015-2016 peer mentors

Kate Arnson, Lake Forest, IL; Civil Engineering

Shadae Boakye, NYC, NY; Mechanical Engineering, possible German Minor

Mitchell Curtiss, Portage, MI; Architecture and Civil Engineering

Elvhin Encarnacion, Toledo, OH; Mechanical Engineering, International Minor for Engineers

Rachel Epperly, Grand Rapids, MI; Music Composition

Angelina Fahs, Dearborn, MI; Computer Science Engineering

Jonathan Grygiel, Pittsburgh, PA; Chemical Engineering

Spencer Haney, Orlando, FL; Electrical Engineering

Alexander Holland, Grand Rapids, MI; Computer Science Engineering

Sarah Jomaa, Northville, MI; Art and Design

Christina Liu, Northville, MI; Computer Science

Kylier Love, Detroit, MI; Undecided LSA

Hannah Mabie, Ann Arbor, MI; Art and Design

Giovanni Martinez, Highland Park/Highland, CA; Architecture

Lauren Murphy, Kalamazoo, MI; LSA, hopefully Information Science

Socrates Papageorgiou, Ann Arbor, MI; Computer Engineering and Sound Engineering

Niraj Patel, Ann Arbor, MI; Physics and LSA Music with an Electrical Engineering minor

Connor Reinman, Ann Arbor, MI; Music Composition

Nick Shahin, Midland, MI; Computer Science Engineering

Jacque Thomas, Sebewaing, MI; Industrial and Operations Engineering

2014-2015 RAs

Sarah Bedoyan, Grosse Pointe, MI; Cell and Molecular Biology and History Double Major (Chinese Language and Culture Minor)
Paul Giessner, Saint Joseph, MI; Electrical Engineering and Organ Performance

2014-2015 PEER MENTORS

Jessie Balaka, Dearborn, MI; Electrical Engineering
Abigail Clemens, San Mateo, CA; Art and Design
Harsha Devaraj, Bangalore, India; Art and Design, possibly psychology
Marisa Diamond, Waltham, MA; Interarts Performance
Tasha Gillum, Lake Villa, IL; Industrial Operations Engineering
Samuel Irish, Bay City, MI; Computer Science Engineering
Graham Kelly, Suttons Bay, MI; LS&A Undeclared
Max Morrison, West Bloomfield, MI; Computer Engineering and Sound Engineering
Kaitlin Myers, Lexington, Kentucky; Earth System Science and Engineering
Niraj Patel, Ann Arbor, MI; Physics and LSA Music with an Electrical Engineering minor
Tanner Petch, Battle Creek, MI; Fine Arts
James Spain, Orland Park, IL; Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NAME)
Alana Rhodin, Mount Hermon, MA; Art & Design BFA, Computer Science Engineering
John Ryan, Midland, MI; Computer Engineering
Carlos Valls, Sanger, TX; Aerospace Engineering

2013-2014 RAs

Carolina Fuentes, Ypsilanti, MI; Psychology and German
Dan Rodak, Utica, MI; Mechanical Engineering

2013-2014 PEER MENTORS

John Behrendt, Ann Arbor, MI; Aerospace Engineering
Zachary Boulanger, Eaton Rapids, MI; Computer Science
Alexis Breese, Dayton, OH; Theater Arts with a Performing Arts Management Concentration
Camille Charara, Dearborn, MI; Art and Design BFA
Derek Ehlmann, Jackson, MI; Computer Science
Paul Giessner, Saint Joseph, MI; Electrical Engineering and Organ Performance
Caroline Jones, Yokosuka, Japan/Fredericksburg, VA/Springfield, VA; Aerospace Engineering
Kayleigh Laymon, San Hose, CA; BFA Theater Design and Production
Colin Leach, Ann Arbor, MI; Art and Design
Nate Marrufo, Maumee, OH; Electrical/Mechanical Engineering
Tomas Medina , La Paz, Bolivia; Computer Science
AnneMarie Mueller, Royal Oak, MI; Environmental Engineering
Margot Robert, Rochester Hills, MI; Art and Design
John Ryan, Midland, MI; Computer Engineering
Zoe Widmer, Cincinnati, OH; Art and Design

2012-2013 RAs

Charlotte Campbell, Winnetka, IL, Theatre Arts and Computer Engineering
Dan Rodak, Utica, MI, Mechanical Engineering

2012-2013 Peer Mentors

Kyle Bettinger, Dearborn, MI; Biomedical Engineering
Megan Boczar, Northville, MI; Archaeological Anthropology, Minor: Classical Archaeology and Museum Studies
Molly Lester, Farmington Hills, MI; Art & Design
Zach Mineroff, Doylestown, PA; Engineering
Colin O’Neil, Mount Pleasant, MI; Biology
Josie-lynn Patalon, Warren, MI; Materials Science Engineering
James Power, Vienna, VA; Aerospace Engineering, Minor: French
Chelsea Pugh, Alto, MI; Computer Science Engineering
Margot Robert, Rochester Hills, MI; Art and Design
Felipe Rogerio, Sao Paolo, Brazil; Engineering
Mihir Sheth, Mumbai, India; Engineering
Adam Spahn, Wheaton, IL; Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Alec Stenzel, West Des Moines, IA; Engineering and Jazz Studies Minor: German
Alex Verros, Lake Orion, MI; Mathematical Biology and Life Sciences Informatics
Steven West, Livonia, MI; Aerospace Engineering

2011-2012 RAs

Charlotte Campbell, Winnetka, IL; Theater Arts and Computer Engineering
Ken Sieloff, Northville, MI; Choral Music Education

2011-2012 Peer Mentors

Riley Anderson, Otsego, MI; Pre-Architecture
Jill Bender, Bridgman, MI; Computer Science Engineering
Chancellor Evans, Detroit, MI; Informatics
Betty Jalal, Toledo, OH; International Studies, Pre-Health
Rita Lee, Livonia, MI; Art and Design, Minor: LS&A Music
Claire Liburdi, Macomb Twp, MI; Art and Design, Minor: Biology
Hayley Pline, Suttons Bay, MI; Civil Engineering
Dan Rodak, Utica, MI; Mechanical Engineering
Ed Utter, Hazel Park, MI; Individualized Concentration Program:  Symbolic Systems (artificial intelligence and human-computer interactions)
Justin Younan, Rochester Hills, MI; Art and Design, Minor: German