Past Events

Fall Semester 2012 events


December 6: Living Arts Presents: The Magic Show at the Blue Apple


November 30: Rube Goldberg Machine
November 12: Environmental Artist Chris Jordan Visit
November 8: Living Arts Presents: Poetry Slam!


October 28: Haunted House
October 21: Chiara String Quartet Sight Reading Party
October 19: Jam Session
October 6: Pumpkin Carving
October 4: Living Arts Presents: Open Mic at the Blue Apple


September 30: Canvas Painting
September 30: Movie Night
September 29: Memory Jar Workshop
September 29: Friendship Bracelet Workshop
September 28: Made on North Campus: Concrete Canoe Launch
September 23: Panel Discussion on the Creative Process
September 2: Living Arts UM Challenge Program

Winter Semester 2012 Events


April 17: Living Arts Takes Flight Symposium
April 11: Living Arts Presents Open Mic at the Blue Apple
April 13: Ford Motor Company Design Jam
April 5: Nail Polish Painting. Led by LA student Angel Shen.
April 3: UM Exquisite Corpse Anijam with Gary Schwartz, MFA.
April 1: Tiny Model Building. Led by RA Charlotte Campbell.


March 30: Terry Riley's "In C" Jam
March 25: little bang theory performance and foley art workshop
March 21: Living Arts Presents Open Mic at the Blue Apple
March 18: Living Arts Presents Jazz Night in the Bursley Dining Hall. Organized by RA Ken Sieloff.
March 15: Moving in the Moment: A Workshop in Dance Improvisation by Sean Hoskins, MFA.
March 5: Deadline for Living Arts North Campus Photo Competition.


Feb 23: Needle Felting. Led by LA student Angel Shen.
Feb 18: Between the Folds: Origami Workshop with local artist and origami designer Beth Johnson.
Feb 15: Cupcake Decorating and Open Mic at the Blue Apple.
Feb 9: College of Engineering Recruitment Activity: Pop Up Art
Feb 7: Chain Maille Workshop. Led by LA student Nadine Dyskant-Miller.
Feb 2: Wounded Furniture. Cosponsored with UMMA and Arts in Residence.


Jan 31: Bridge Building Competition. Led by Program Board.
Jan 26: "The Creation of Strawberry Fields Forever" with Prof. Walt Everett. Arranged by Grad Intern Melissa Coppola.
Jan 25: Living Arts Presents Open Mic at the Blue Apple
Jan 21: Saturday Morning Physics: Einstein as a Cultural Figure, featuring Composer Philip Glass, Physicists Sean Carroll and Michael Turner, and UM Professor Fred Adams.
Jan 20-22: Einstein on the Beach. Sponsored by UMS.
Jan 15: Penny Stamps Lecture Series: Philip Glass and Robert Wilson.
Jan 8: Ducks & Dolls Decorating Competition Deadline.
Jan 7: Rube Goldberg Competition.

Fall Semester 2011 Events


Dec 14: Study Break and Cookie Decorating with Grad Intern Paige Morton
Dec 7: Living Arts Presents Open Mic at the Blue Apple
Dec 3: RA Activity: Gingerbread Skyscrapers
Dec 1: Ducks and Dolls Decorating Competition. Led by Program Board and RA Charlotte Campbell.


Nov 30: Design Lab One, Photoshop Workshop with Mike Vitale, MFA.
Nov 15: Living Arts Presents Open Mic at the Blue Apple
Nov 4-Nov 6, 42 Hours of Re-Creativity.


Oct 30: In the Basement of Bursley ... a Living Arts Haunted Experience
Oct 27: Costume Trip with RA Charlotte Campbell!
Oct 25: Chiarascuro Pumpkin Carving with Mike Vitale, MFA
Oct 22: 1-4 p.m., Junkstrament Build & Jam with SMTD faculty Mark Kirschenmann, Living Arts Studio Bursley Hall.
Oct 19: Living Arts Presents Open Mic at the Blue Apple & Costume Making with Program Board
Oct 5: Tye Dye with Program Board
Oct 4: Living Arts Presents Open Mic at the Blue Apple


Sept 25: New Millenium Kite Festival, Ann Arbor Arboretum
Sept 21: Open Mic Night presented by Living Arts & the Blue Apple.
Sept 18: North Campus Faculty Panel: Creativity across Disciplines, Stamps Auditorium in Walgreen Drama Center. Open to the public. See the poster pdf.
Sept 18: Living Arts Summer Reads Discussion Groups. Dan Pink's A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future. Locations: Bursley Hall and Art & Architecture Library, Duderstadt Center.
Sept 11: Kite-Building Workshops with A&D faculty Anne Mondro & Matt Shlian, Living Arts Studio, Bursley Hall.
Sept 6: Open Mic Night presented by Living Arts & the Blue Apple.
Sept 4: Graffiti Sculpture & Jam with Architecture graduate student Virginia Black and SMTD alumna Melissa Coppola, outside Bursley Hall.
Sept 1 : Living Arts UM Challenge Program
August 31: Living Arts Move-In

Winter Semester 2011

April 21: Cookie Bake-Off
April 16: Performance and Exhibit at Canterbury House
April 15: Living Arts & Bursley Hall Council End-of-Year Formal
April 14: Kite-Making and Flying
April 9: Living Arts Presents The Mattress Tag Cutters Comedy Improv
April 3: Living Arts Builds a Catapult (Torsion Trebuchet)
April 2: Jewelry Making Part II- Casting Silver
March 31: Living Arts Presents Open Mic at the Blue Apple
March 19: Living Arts Peer Mentor Retreat
March 12: 50s Swing-Dance Party
Feb 20:  Rube Goldberg Competition
Feb 19:  Living Arts Presents Open Mic at the Blue Apple
Feb 18:  UMS Merce Cunningham Legacy Tour Field Trip
Feb 13:  RA Austyn Foster's Foreign Film Series, Princess Mononoke Blue Apple Open Mic

Feb 13: Intro to Songwriting with Dick Siegel
Feb 12:  Ice Carving Demonstration
Feb 10:  Living Arts at the Blue Apple Open Mic
Feb 8:  Working in Film Alumni Panel
Feb 6:  Living Arts Builds an Igloo
Jan 25:  Living Arts Silent Rave Flashmob
Jan 24: RA Austyn Foster and DPE (Diversity Peer Educator) Felix Lopez present  Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing
Jan 23:  Living Arts Painting Party
Jan 22: Jewelry Making
Jan 16:  UMMA Field Trip

Fall Semester 2010

Dec 18: Play Day
Dec 12:  Engineering Challenge: Build a Paper Table
Dec 10:  Living Arts Rave with student DJs

Showcase Performer

Dec 9: Origami Workshop
Nov 21: Living Arts Showcase
Nov 21: Algorithmic Art & Computation Science with Mark J. Stock
Nov 16: New Media Strategies to Promote Social Justice: Flashmobs, Mashups, and Autotune with Artist-in-Residence Sultan Sharrief
Nov 13-14: Graffiti Sculpture with Architecture students Virginia Black and Justin Mast
Nov 11: “In C” Jam Session
Nov 7: Drawn by Music with Peer Mentor Wes Veach
Oct 31: Darkroom Installation
Oct 28: Chiaroscuro Pumpkin Carving with Art & Design studio coordinator Mike Vitale, MFA

Play Doh Study Break
Oct 10: MPowered 1000 Pitches Dorm Storm

Oct 7: Play Doh Study Break with Resident Advisor Austyn Foster
Oct 2: Found-Art-a-Palooza Thrift Store Activity with Resident Advisor Austyn Foster
Sept 30: Moving in the Moment: A Workshop in Dance Improvisation with Sean Hoskins, MFA candidate
Sept 27: Take a Stand Campaign Mass Meeting 
Sept 26: Creativity and Nature Walk: Nichols Arboretum with Prof. Bob Grese, Director of the Nichols Arboretum and Matthaei Botanical Gardens

arb walk

Sept 17: Living Arts Rave with student DJs
Sept 16: Viewing & Discussion of Bilal’s Stand with Artist-in-Residence Sultan Sharrief
Sept 12: Movie Night, Pulp Fiction
Sept 5: Living Arts Programming Board Mass Meeting
Sept 2: UM Ropes Challenge