Required Class

UARTS 150.001: Introduction to Creative Process

(FALL 2016 - 4 credits, meets M,W 3-5pm, fulfills ENG: Intellectual Breadth, Art and Design and School of Music, Theater and Dance: FYWR, LSA: Creative Expression, Architechture: General Elective.)

Introduction to Creative Process is a 4 credit hour project-based and writing course for first-year students who are residents of Living Arts. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to creative process across disciplines, preparing them to master their own create process for use not just in other courses and academic projects, but throughout their lives. Students will gain historical, biographical, and theoretical understanding of creative process through readings; reflect on those readings in writing; and experiment with creative process first-hand under the tutelage of experts.

Recommended Classes

UARTS 250: Creative Process

(WINTER 2017--4 credits, fulfills CE)

This course provides a conceptual and experiential foundation for the cultivation of creativity within and across academic disciplines. It is designed to prepare UM students to recognize, understand, articulate, and utilize their creative abilities in their chosen fields. Creative Process provides semester-long, close interaction with accomplished faculty from Art & Design; Music, Theatre & Dance; Architecture; and Engineering.  Four hours per week pursuing hands-on creative work in four modalities: sound, movement, visual images/ objects, and verbal/symbolic language. One hour per week (all faculty/all students) in colloquium to discuss writings about or examples of creative process in different times, places, and forms. Creative Process is hailed by UM’s student paper, The Michigan Daily, as “one of the university’s most intriguing courses.” Learn more about Creative Process on the ArtsEngine website, the University Record, and read a first-hand account from Stephen Rush, professor of performing arts technology.

Penny Stamps Distinguised Speakers’ Series

(FALL & WINTER -1 cr)

Established with the generous support of alumna Penny W. Stamps, the Speaker Series brings respected emerging and established artists/designers from a broad spectrum of media to conduct a public lecture and engage with students, faculty, and the larger University and Ann Arbor communities. Read more about the series.


(FALL & WINTER - 1-3 credits)

Living Arts encourages its students to participate in hands-on research opportunities with faculty. Learn more about the progam and apply.